Who we are

We are a family-owned business, since 1963, located in Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in selling wholesale homecoming supplies for “Homecoming Mums”. Homecoming is mostly a southern tradition for that “special football game”, when alumni return to celebrate. Texas is the leader of this bizarre celebration, which started back in the 1950s. It has grown and continues to spread throughout the southern states i.e: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico…and now creeping up into the upper western, central and eastern states. The mums are getting larger every year. Huge, extreme designs actually cover the young ladies that wear them. Schools that don’t have football teams, do their “Homecomings”, during basketball season.

Our History


In 1963, Audria Lea Currie started a business in her home. She was a pioneer in the arts and crafts world and managed to turn that home-based business into a retail shop called Audria’s Crafts. Her first location was in the Tandy Mart on University Drive, then moved to another location on Seminary Drive.

In 1974, she partnered with her son, Pat Currie, and by 1983, they were able to build a 12,000 sq. ft. building on McCart Ave. Then they were able to expand to ACI Wholesale Dist. and Mfg. The business flourished and celebrated it’s 25th anniversary in 1988. Sadly, Audria passed away on May 6, 1999. She was 75 years old and had seen the business go from $100, a toaster oven and a card table display to a 12,000 square ft. retail store. Pat continued to grow the business and began emphasizing and expanding the homecoming line.


On August 11, 2000, a fire consumed the warehouses and inventory and machinery it contained. Pat and his wife, Gayle rebuilt and added a  huge 35 ft. tall – 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Pat closed the retail store at that time and has sold strictly wholesale with an emphasis on party, spirit and homecoming products. In 2006, Pat and Gayle brought family members in to help run the business. ACI is now a third generation business celebrating over 50 years in business. In 2009 we acquired “Western Graphics”- a decal business dedicated to the equine industry. We offer an extensive line of Western and English equestrian decals for vehicles, trailers, signage, etc. and also offer custom decals. See our Western Graphics site here- www.wgdecals.com

What we offer

We strive to offer a large selection of quality products in a great variety of school colors, and update our selection every year with exciting new products. We are currently the largest supplier of Homecoming Mum Supplies in the US. We also offer a selection of products for Baby. Baby Mums have become popular for announcing the baby’s birth, hung on the hospital room door and the front door once at home. We manufacture a complete line of glitter stickers for homecoming, as well as lettering for floral displays. We offer custom imprinted ribbon for any special event.

With ACI you can expect:

Excellent Customer Service

Quick Turn Around on Orders

Competitive Pricing